Our community is full of other authors just like you. This isn’t a solitary journey anymore, remember?
Here’s where to start:
The Connective Collective is a FREE monthly conference call exclusively for authors to discuss and collaborate on marketing your books.
The Collective is perfect for:
  • Authors who need help learning the ins and outs of self/indie publishing
  • Authors who would like to take their marketing to the next level (self- trad- or hybrid published authors)
  • Authors who enjoy connecting with readers (even if they don’t necessarily love the “marketing” stuff) and want to learn how to connect with more people for less time invested.
  • Self-published, indie, and traditionally published authors
  • Authors who are doing well in marketing or sales–SHARE your knowledge!
  • Authors who want to network with fellow writers. This is a great small group opportunity to get to know some of the names you see your readers talking about! Find someone to trade back matter or even connect with a new Critique Partner!
Want to know how to get the most out of our group? Participation! We encourage you to speak out on the call with either questions or comments. If you are a little shy, that’s okay too. We’re going to make it our mission to bring you out of your shell.
And the best part? It’s a phone call. No video. Feel free to stay in your PJs. I know you author types have something against getting dressed if you don’t have to. No more excuses, get involved. We want to hang out with you!
Get major insights like never before in this FREE monthly call!

And don’t wait until our next call. Head over to our Facebook group and get plugged in now.