Once upon a time, the Connective Collective was a monthly conference call exclusively for authors to discuss and collaborate on advertising, marketing, publishing, and the business of being an author.

These calls have since ended so I can move on to other projects BUT the recordings are now available to you FREE!

As you listen, be sure to find us on Facebook where the conversation continues. Ask questions, get answers, hear what’s working for others.

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Nine Ways You’re Wasting Your Newsletter

All the chatter in the author marketing community is about how to build your list. Nowadays, with an Instafreebie account or a multi-author giveaway, that’s the easy part. What about how to keep them engaged? Finally, let’s talk about that. If you’re doing any of the 9 things on this list, you’re wasting your time and $$ on your list efforts. With Heather Hildenbrand & special guest Jennifer Snyder.

Help! My Facebook Ads Suck!

Getting started with Facebook ads: How to target, dos and don’ts of images, and how to know when to tweak. Learning what those numbers on your reporting/dashboard means makes all the difference! with Michael Cooper.

How To Scale Up/ Starting Small

A look at a “Getting Started Strategy” for Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and AMS ads. How to start small and build as you go. With Heather Hildenbrand.

Make the Most of Author Signings

How to make the most out of author book signings and conferences with Teri Dees Edney.

Heather’s Marketing Strategy Update

Find out what’s working and what’s not for building a series’ fan base from scratch: everything from Newsletters to AMS ads with Heather Hildenbrand.

“How to Do It All”

“If I can do it, so can you.” Publishing a book a month while working a full time job and juggling all the things. With author, Kelly Martin.

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Getting started with Facebook ads with bestselling author, Elicia Hyder.

Getting Started with Audio Books

Getting started with Audio Books: Tips & Strategies for producing your own books or hiring narrators. This is geared specifically toward ACX as a production/distribution platform but there are options for other methods as well. With Heather Hildenbrand.

Creative Wellness

How to create and maintain a Creative Wellness Lifestyle–and why it’s so important that you do–as an author. With bestselling author, Chelsea Fine.

Balancing Author Lifestyles 

Writing, Editing, Publishing, Advertising, Social Media, and the entire rest of your REAL LIFE: Friends, Family, Jobs, Responsibilities… we juggle a lot as authors. How do we keep it all balanced? With bestselling author, Carey Heywood.

Handling Stress & Burn Out

How to handle the pressure that comes with being an author and running your author business (along with all the other things that compete for attention in our lives) with Heather Hildenbrand.

Investment VS Expense

If you’ve never managed a business before, money management and company budgets might be completely foreign to you. We’ll discuss the important of re-investment in your author business and how to tell the difference between investment (you’ll get something back for this, maybe even more money than you spent!) and expenses–and how to track both. With Heather Hildenbrand.

What To Do When You’re Not Selling

When your books aren’t selling and you feel like the only thing left you haven’t tried is QUITTING, you need to hear this. With Heather Hildenbrand

The Six Figures a Month Club

Want to hear how the Six-Figure Club does it? Bestselling author, Katy Regnery, talks about how she runs her author business and the tips and strategies that work for her to continue earning six figures a month.



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