There are several different types of edits. Grammar is often called proofreading or copy editing. You should know that I don’t do either one of those. I do catch those things as I read but I specialize in developmental editing which is much deeper than grammar and will probably end with you revising/rewriting chunks of your story (which is why there’s no point in my editing for grammar at this stage and should be done as a final step.)
If you’ve never had a content edit (or you have but you didn’t get what you paid for) here is what you can expect from me:
  • Lots of markup! I use Track Changes in Word to track all of my suggestions for revisions, etc. I use the strike-through feature a LOT as well as the comments feature to note or ask questions or point things out to you.
  • A full edit letter. This thing will be multiple pages and will have all of my overall story feedback for things like:
    • Story Structure
    • Plot development
    • Story ARC
    • Characterization and character development
    • Pacing
    • Show vs. Tell
    • Passive vs. active voice
    • Timeline tracking
    • more. Inevitably, there will always be more.
I offer content editing for the following genres:
  1. Young Adult & New Adult in these sub-genres:
    -paranormal, fantasy, romance, contemporary
  2. Adult contemporary romance
  3. Adult Shifter Romance/PNR.
No horror, sci-fi, or suspense.


$399 up to 90k words

To request availability, please email me at