Specializing in affordable, fast, professional formatting services.

I’ve been formatting my own books since I began publishing in 2011. I can do fancy formats with¬†custom chapter headings and art or keep it simple. Want different back matter links for each e-book store/platform? I can do that too.

Currently, all formatting requests are on a 5 day (or sooner) turn around. If you need it faster, please indicate that this is a rush job.


$75 for e-book only
$75 for paperback only
$115 for both

To order formatting services, fill out and submit the form below. Once you’ve submitted the form, email your cover and Word doc to: heatherhildenbr@gmail.com.



P.S. One of the potential headaches to having an outside formatter is UPDATES. Anytime you want to update your back matter links, bio, or anything else in your book, you CAN and you don’t have to pay as if it’s a new job. We charge very little for updates. If you need something added or changed, no matter when your original format with us was completed, just ask!